Lost & Left Behind Items

After a race there are literally hundreds of items that are left behind. Items are as small as a sweaty riped T-Shirts to high end items like GPS watches, wetsuits, and bikes. In 2016 we had someone leave a $300 wetsuit at a race and we picked it up attempting to get it back to them. Two weeks after that race the person showed up to our house demanding the wetsuit we had in our truck, that we were trying to get to them, in a different location at the time stating they would call the police unless we returned their wetsuit they left at the race. For this reason we will not be so accessible to our racers in 2017, to protect our home. If you left a water bottle or clothing item (under $50) after the race this item will be thrown away. We cannot hold on to stinky clothing after a race. If the item has value like a GPS, Wetsuit or Bike we will give you an option to have it sent to you at your expense.Also awards are given after a race and we want everyone to get their medals or plaques. We ask that you stay after for the awards ceremony if you are in contention for an award or be willing to pay for the shipping and handling for these items. Usually we charge only a shipping cost for these items but these items are becoming very time consuming to our team to manage so there will be a small handling fee to cover a small portion of the cost of managing these items for you.

Please understand we do not want to be rude or callus about this policy. It is our goal to help every racer but our focus needs to be on the races and their quality rather than spending so much time on items like these. Last year we spent hundreds of hours and money on this and many that left their items were very rude to us about it. We will do what we can but we ask to fill in these forms and be patient with getting them back. Medals and plaques will be sent in a much more timely manner because we do not have dig through piles of lost items and race equipment for them. The actual waiver you sign states that all items left after a race will be surrendered and most race companys will either just keep these items or toss them based on the policies. This is not our goal but to help you get them back. Race shirts must be picked up at the race during one of the two packet pickups. After a race left over race shirts are given to volunteers.

Awards or Plaques Left Behind (Small fee for shipping and will be sent in a timely manner)

High end lost items like GPS Units, Bikes, Wetsuits (Small shipping and handling fee to send these to you. Patience with system is important because after a race many of these items are in disarray and sometimes were not even picked up by us or were thrown away after the race.)



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