Date Time Event Notes
6/12/2020 3:00PM to 8:00PM Packet PIckup At Wasatch Running Center
8946 South State Street Sandy, Utah
A friend can pickup for you with your
written, emailed, texted permission to them.
6/12/2020 7:00PM TBA  
6/13/2020 3:45AM Late Packet Pickup
Race Morning
Closes at 4:30AM
Blue Cross Building - West Parking Lot
2890 E Cottonwood Parkway SLC, Utah
6/13/2020 4:00AM Half Marathon Start
Loading Buses. First Buses
Leave at 4:00AM
Blue Cross Building - West Parking Lot
2890 E Cottonwood Parkway SLC, Utah
If you are scheduled for 4:00AM and you
get there at 4:01AM you will miss the race.
Cars that park near the start will be towed
at owners expense.
6/13/2020 5:30AM Bus for 5K Leaves Blue Cross Building - West Parking Lot
2890 E Cottonwood Parkway SLC, Utah
You are scheduled for 5:30AM and you
get there at 5:31AM you will miss the race.
Cars that park near the start will be towed
at owners expense.
6/13/2020 6:00AM Start Half Marathon Just West of Solitude - No Cars Please
6/13/2020 7:00AM 5K Starts 3.1 Miles Up Canyon - No Cars Please
6/13/2020 8:30AM Awards Ceremony Start
Overalls then Age Groups
Old Mill Shopping Center
6510 S Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Holladay, Utah.
Please Park at Blue Cross Building - West Parking Lot
2890 E Cottonwood Parkway SLC, Utah
and walk East to it for spectators.
6/13/2020 9:00AM Start to Sweep Course We will not pull you off the course if you
are out of the canyon prior to 9:00AM
which is mile 11.3. If you need more time
please contact us: info@onhillevents.com
Official Downloadable PDF of Agenda and Race Packet will be Available 5 Days Prior to Race Here

2020 Race Packet of Information - Download 5K Prior to Race Here


Parking is at the Blue Cross Building 2890 East Cottonwood Parkway in West Parking Lot
No parking at the Finishline area or Starting Line area!!! 

PR - Personal Record Medal

The PR medal is a medal given to anyone who sets a Personal Record for completing a 
Half Marathon. It is based on an honor system. If you PR let us know and we will give you
one of these medals. 

What if I can't make it to packet pickup?

We allow someone to pickup a packet for you if you give them some form of written
permission. Email them, text them or hand write them permission. We do day of race 
packet pickup as well but we strongly discourage this due to trying to load the bus on
race day. Please be there 30 minutes prior to your are to load your bus. 

Drop13LBS Medal

The Drop13lbs medal is another medal we give at the finish for those racers who lost 
13 or more pounds in the process of training for this race. This is based on an honor 
system as well. It would be hard to track without weighing in months prior or during the
race. Either one of these would be ackward and hard to track without your honor.

Last Day to Register

The last day to register is Friday June 7, 2019 at packet pickup until 8:00PM. We 
close down all online registrations at 9:30PM Friday June 7, 2019.  

Are Strollers Allowed in this race?

Strollers are allowed in the half marathon if they are strollers that are theathered to 
the runner and have a hand break. The safety of your riders is our greatest concern 
and this extreme downhill could have you lose control of the rider and it could be life
threatening. Assisted athletes will start in the front of the race and parents with kids 
must line up in the back of the pack at the start. 

Are Dogs Allowed?

No Dogs!!! If you are caught with a dog on this course we will disqualify you and 
remove you from the course. It is not that we do not love dogs, it is that this is a 
Watershed Area. All things left in this area turns into drinking water in a few days. 
In addition to that Dogs are not permitted in our permit. This could jeapardize future
races in Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

What is the cut off Time?

All racers need to be to Mile 11.3 which is the mouth of the canyon by 9:00AM.
After that time the racer will have another hour to finish by 10:00AM. If you need 
more time let us know and we can start a few at 5:30AM without times. 

Do I need to ride the Bus to the Start?

All racers need to ride the bus to the start or they may not be able to start. The
only exception are for those with Push Assisted racers that need to bring up 
their strollers and those who are coming from the top of the canyon race morning.
No parking at the start. Cars will be towed at racer expense. 

How do I edit my race registration?

You can edit your race like change shirt size, age, gender or other preferences. 
You cannot change the name in this process. 


How do I sell or give me Registration

 to someone else?

You can sell or give your registration bib to another racer freely up to 72 hours ($5 after at 
packet pickup) prior to the race with this Sell Registration button. If you charge $0 to sell 
it to another and exchange money personally it will save you another processing fee. 


How do I defer my Registration?

Races do not offer refunds due to costs that occur the moment you register. On Hill 
Events offers a deferral program which is a registered participant can defer their race 
fees towards another On Hill Events race. There is a $15 fee and must be done at least 
15 days prior to race day. Races can be up to 13 months out. If a race you want is not 
listed you can ask us to open it for the deferral. Once you cross the 15 day deadline 
selling or giving your registration to another is the only option. Deferring more than 
once much be done manually and cannot be done in the auto system. Email us to 
do a second deferral if you have done it once at info@onhillevents.com 
Use this link to defer : 


What types of discounts does this race offer?

Refer another racer with your special hyperlink in your registration email.
10% back per referral until you refer 10 giving you 100%.

Share on Facebook during registration
3% off during registration

Group Discounts Based on Group Size upon request

If you have a group of 4 or more email us for a discount. info@onhillevents.com

Volunteers Earn $50 to $100 
  Many people earn volunteer credit by helping with prior races. If you volunteer for
this race you can earn credit for a future race. Shifts are around 4 to 5 hours. 

Shopping Cart after Registration?

Of course Use this link https://www.raceentry.com/races/drop13-half-marathon-and-5k/2020/shopping